spark more

At Tencent Games we seek to elevate the core experience and spirit of games,
with happy genes and unchanging original mind, to become something even more meaningful.

game experience

Tencent Games is committed to providing abundant and high-quality game
experience for players, so that players can not only gain happiness in games, but
also experience multiple identities, make friends and appreciate multicultures.
Tencent Games constantly improves the game quality and expand game categories
in order to create the ultimate game experience and accompany players to discover
the infinite possibilities of gaming fun.

Game Technology

Tencent Games always focuses on the breakthrough and application of new
technologies to enrich game experience. Through our continuous technological
revolution and innovative way of thinking, games will better connect the virtual reality
with the real world, so as to spark people's imagination for future digital life.
Meanwhile, we carry out cross-disciplinary exchanges and cooperations with innovative
technologies, thus connecting more diverse application scenarios and releasing new
forms and new values in the game industry as well as other industries.

game innovation

Tencent Games will continue to explore innovation, broaden the boundaries of games,
discover more innovative ways to play, and provide players with novel gaming
experiences and fun through the integration of games and cutting-edge technology.
Meanwhile, we will promote the development of the game industry to discover more
possibilities for games.

game Responsibility

Tencent Games is not only committed to offering players a more diversified
gaming experience, but also hopes to use games as a carrier and
platform to guard positive values, spread humanistic care and inspire more positive
social energy in society. Tencent Games keeps exploring the role of games in the
society, and actively fulfills social missions.

game culture

Game culture starts from games. Tencent Games bridges the gap between
culture and life in a digital way, helping various traditional cultures to have
modern expressions. Tencent Games enters the lives of players and more
young people to create Chinese cultural symbols.